In this life.

Photographer, filmmaker, musician, globe trekker, soccer player.

No shortage of art

So tomorrow I am doing a concept-ish photo shoot and a short film to which I will also be writing an original music piece for. I’m so thrilled for this to be happening and also completely terrified, mainly because this will be my first short film and first time writing a music piece for a visual art piece. On that note I also will be playing my first acoustic show on May 10th, so Ill let y’all know how that goes.

I honestly after 3 and a half years of off and on shoots and failed attempts to make a business out of what I love, started to wonder if id ever get a real chnace to just do a creative shoot and have fun. Now things are slowly coming together. I couldn’t not be more thankful for this opportunity, and some how for Gods grace (if that’s even a factor although I don’t doubt it is).

I love photography and music and just art in general, and so for me to final get a chance to create and share some of the things closest to my heart is a real blessing and privilege.