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Artists that I like (in no certain order except Switchfoot and MuteMath)



City and Colour


Andy Mineo

Mumford and Sons

Paper Route

Jennifer Knapp

Demon Hunter

Oh Sleeper



Levi The Poet

Two Door Club Cinema

Stevie Wonder

Earth Wind Fire



The Devil Wears Prada



B. Reith



Cage The Elephant

Jars Of Clay

Boyz II Men

Take 6



So when a friend of mine heard that one of my favorite artists wrote a song about love that also was in reference to gay love, she flipped out and said she disliked the artist now just because of that.

I have nothing else to say except that I’m very disappointed.

I got my new guitar today, but couldn’t for the life if me come up with anything for a new song. I just kept playing through old songs I’d written. Now though its 1 something in the morning and instead if sleeping my brain which (finally) switched on has a million awesome ideas. Man, I ain’t got time got this I’m going to sleep, night y’all.

This is my mother turned towards the ocean
and this is my daughter digging a hole

the size of a dinosaur’s thigh. Mother pauses
to survey the horizon which is a pair
of thin blue lips. Mavis faces me —

at the center of her circle like a pupil
in an eye. It is always summer

in this photo and everywhere there are lines:
between sand and water, or water
and sky. The shutter opens and closes,

sifts through our family’s drifted history.
Why do I love this picture?
Is it the colors that drip

and cry? Or the hole
my daughter digs which is full

of my own shadow? I am
what is found and what is covered up —
part truth, part lie.

– Faith Shearin, Buried (via graceandvictory)


How I Shoot: Making Portraits with @benjaminheath

How I Shoot is a series where we ask Instagrammers to tell us about the set-up and process behind their photos and videos. For more of Benjamin’s portraits, follow @benjaminheath on Instagram. For more portraits from photographers across Instagram, browse the #makeportraits hashtag.

For Los Angeles Instagrammer Benjamin Heath (@benjaminheath), portraits are an artform. As he explains it, “Making a good portrait is hard, much harder than making a pretty landscape. I wanted to challenge myself. I felt a spark and I wondered if there were other folks in the Instagram community that shared that spark. The answer is a resounding ‘yes!’—there are!”

To Benjamin, there’s a difference between a portrait that you make and a photo that you take. “Make is such a strong word. I think it connotes a methodology or a particular rhythm to creating. If it’s going to be worthwhile you have to take time to make something. You have to hone your craft.” Benjamin, the creator of the #makeportraits hashtag, shares some of the methodology, craft and planning that goes into his own process of making portraits below.


"I use an iPhone 5s for mobile photos and shoot with a variety of digital and film cameras otherwise. I probably own too many cameras but I like picking up a camera I haven’t used for awhile. It’s like catching up with an old friend."


"Getting inspired with an idea is step one. I have a collection of photo books that I study for inspiration: Bruce Davidson, Alex Webb, Dan WintersPhilip-Lorca diCorcia blows my mind. I spend a lot of time studying photographers I love and am influenced by. Once I feel like I have an idea or some thoughts on what I want my photo to look like, I’m ready to go.

"Finding a good location is important. I like to shoot portraits that are more environmental with a sense of time and place along with the subject. For me, giving some background and environment adds depth. I think of these portraits as little 1/250 second plays that I’m directing—and this can be difficult or easy. Sometimes I’ll find something wonderful when I’m out and about and will make a mental note to come back when the light is right. Sometimes I see something online that I like and will add it to a running doc that I keep. And, you know, sometimes you stumble onto something terrific as it is and you’re fortunate to have a friend with you.

"Shooting with an experienced model is extremely helpful. I’ve been lucky to work with some great ones. That creative exchange between people is such a charge for me. I love working with people like that."


"I really don’t edit too much. I use a few of the VSCO (iOS and Android) filters pretty consistently, but like to add my own touch to each. My general view is that if I’m spending a lot of time editing a photo, I did a bad job of making the photo and it’s probably not a keeper.”

“It doesn’t honor God to pretend like everything is OK. That’s the beauty of Jesus that so many people miss. The beauty is that he died on the cross for our sins, but also that he existed the way we exist. He understands what it’s like to lose a friend. He’s not unfamiliar with those emotions. He’s not unfamiliar with the difficulty of human life. To me that’s what makes Jesus as God beautiful. He totally understands. He went out of his way to prove to us that he understands our situation. So when he has something to say, it’s not coming from this high and lofty standpoint. It’s coming from this person who understands intricately the perils of human existence.”

John Mark McMillan  (via intercedings)

This is so true.